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I've set up a Buzztime Group. It's not good for anything, but feel free to join. We can all play in our own "home bars", and compare our scores here. What that does for us is anyone's guess.

Ozzie holds the Second Place trophy at Holly & Dollys from the Buzztime's Smatest Bar tournament in June of 2011

Ozzie holds the First Place plaque at Hooters Casselberry from the Buzztime's Smatest Hooters tournament in May of 2011. They now have a second 1st Place plaque for September as well. I moved to Titusville in October.
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Ozzie likes to play Buzztime Trivia at one or another of his local bars. When he lived in Casseberry, Holly & Dolly's' won Second Place in it's league in "Buztime's Smartest Bar" competition, and Hooters of Casselberry won first Place in it's league for the "Smartest Hooters In America". Ozzie has now moved back home to Titusville in Brevard county, and is trying to get Buzztime Trivia into a local bar, without having to resort to openning a place of his own.

The If you want to join The Team at Hooters of Merritt Island, Drop him an e-mail or Send him a text message if you find it useful too.

1 About Buzztme
In case you don't know what this is all about.

2 Previous Buzztime Card Checklists and Games Includes links to The Rules for each game. The checklists were useful back when they had "Player Reward Cards". The chart told you what games to play to get to the next Card.

Orlando Calling Music Festival
Ticket Winning Games

Yes, I won tickets.

Info on the festival itself:

Orlando Calling's PHone PHriendly schedule
When I started this set of pages, the organizers did not have a PHone PHriendly page. I guess they thought the "tall, bearded, weirdo, hippy, computer phreak" was just too "uppitty", and they came up with their own Mobile Pages. I enjoyed the concerts, though.

3 Ozzie's former Home Bar, Buffalo Wild Wings (cheap food)
  Another Local Alternate, Hooters of Casselberry (Prizes in Hooters Buzztime contests)
  Ozzie's Alternate Home Bar, Holly & Dolly's (Favorite place to play with great people to play with (not against). Within a mile of my home when I lived in Casselberry, but couldn't get on the High Score board against players with 20 years worth of points, so my points were "stashed" elsewhere.
Brevard County Buzztime Locations:
4 Beef 'O' Brady's Waterford Lakes, This is Ozzie's current Home Bar.
- Beef's Battle Rankings

Graham's, Cape Canaveral. This is Ozzie's regular Home Bar, but there's a Competition on at Beef's
       Central Florida Trivia Olympic Trials, Graham's came in Fourth Place.

  JD's Sports Bar & Grill, Rockledge
  Sparky's, Merritt Island
  Comfort Inn, Cocoa Beach
  Slow & Low BBQ, Cocoa Beach

2011 Raceday Stats: Predictive= 17,505, Trivia = 11,945, Total = 29,450, National Ranking = ???

      Raceday Schedule, showing Eastern & Pacific Time - This game is currently on the regular Poker network, but sometimes the Poker game must be STOPped on the Manager's Menu, and Raceday must be STARTed. You must go into the Manager's Login on a Playmaker to make the changes. E-mail me if you need information on doing this. (include a phone number - I won't send this information over the net)

6 Beef's Battle
Beef 'O' Brady's Waterford Lakes
Week 1 - Third Place out of 21 Bars. 52,278 Points
Week 2 - Second Place out of 22 bars. 56,844 Points
Week 3 - Second Place out of 22 bars. 51,799 Points
Week 4 - Second Place out of 24 bars. 44,122 Points

      Ozzie's Raceday Scores
7 Research Links:   |   Race 36, 2011 Results   |   Race 36, 2012 Lineup   Race 35, 2012 Results   Current Driver Standings   +

AT&T Fastest Game

8 Pick Em Prediction game

9 Ozzie's Profile Links to Ozzie's "Buddies": Hammer, REM +, Chesh +

Condolences have been sent to Buzztime regarding RACEDAY. +
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